Thirty years ago I spent 3 months on exchange in Malaysia, living in a tiny kampung (village) just outside of KL with a local Muslim family. I blame that experience on my travel bug, and particularly my penchant for travelling on the cheap in South East Asia. Since then I have ridden a bicycle from Townsville to Melbourne in Australia and around the South Island of New Zealand, and hitched extensively throughout Australia and various other parts of the world. I have children to drag with me on my journeys now, which makes it interesting in a whole different way.

This site is an outlet for some of the stories I write about my travels, and for some of the stories I write for no other reason than I love writing.

If you want to leave any comments, feel free to do so on any of the various links lying around this site. They are mysterious and I don’t know how they got there, but they seem to work.


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